CNH ended 2018 with 113 operators participating in the licensing rounds and 107 blocks allocated. This means that Mexico has 73 operators and consortia already working on their exploration and development plans. Some are already performing production tests and planning to start commercial production in 2019. Since Mexico’s political landscape shifted with the presidential elections held on July 1, 2018, operators and consortia should be receptive to the new administration’s priorities in terms of updating Mexico’s 2015-2019 five-year E&P bidding plan. Thinking ahead, operators should be ready to accept Mexico’s new public policies on energy and adapt them to their strategies in the country. It is likely that not a single license or production-sharing contract will be canceled by the new administration; nevertheless, it is also true that CNH will continue working closely with the awarded operators and consortia to evaluate their exploration and development plans to efficiently and transparently move forward each contract’s stage. Meanwhile, the question regarding the strategy of Mexico’s new administration continuing the licensing rounds remains open.

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