With the aim of closing the insurance gap and increasing access to health, insurers in Mexico are broadening their product portfolios to include policies that cover the diseases that worry clients the most, such as cancer or fractures. Major medical expenses, the traditional health insurance product in Mexico, is seen as too expensive for some, especially as prices increase with age. For example, a married couple at retirement age can expect to pay above MX$100,000 per year for their health insurance. This demographic is also the target of specialized products, as customers can choose to accumulate a variety of smaller coverages to suit their individual needs, such as fractures, breast cancer and dementia for an elderly woman.

This chapter will showcase interviews with industry leaders to highlight the efforts insurance companies are making to provide increased healthcare, focusing on major medical expenses policies, specialized products and re-insurance.

-> How can insurance coverage be increased in Mexico and what should the roles of the public and private sectors be?