The medical devices industry for reactive and diagnosis systems is primarily targeted at hospitals and clinics. They are mainly used in pre and post-surgical stages and for diagnosis procedures. The main drivers of consumption of this type of products in Mexico are chronic diseases.

According to INEGI, the medical devices industry will grow, on average, at a 5.3 percent pace by 2020, above countries such as the US, which will average be 4.5 percent, and Japan, at 4.1 percent. In Mexico, the added value in the production of medical devices represents 36 percent for electronic and 20 percent for disposables. In terms of technology, manufacturers are pursuing better connected systems that ease hospital management and improve patient care services. However, due to budget constrains the purchasing behavior of institutions is more price oriented. Selling innovation is the challenge manufacturers must face.

-> How are you convincing customers to choose innovation and get the maximum impact for their investment? How do these devices deliver maximum benefit per peso spent?