As Mexico continues in its epidemiological shift, chronic disease or noncommunicable disease prevalence continues to rise, claiming lives and increasing the number of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs). The WHO reports that 60 percent of deaths worldwide are attributable to chronic disease. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer, the big three, remain in the top spots, spurred on by high rates of overweight and obesity. Seven out of 10 Mexicans are over their ideal weight, despite nationwide government campaigns to get the population moving. The WHO reports that chronic disease is an important factor in poverty, as treatment is life-long, which hinders the economic development of countries.

This chapter will highlight the financial impact of such chronic diseases and how companies and associations are striving to reduce the burden through prevention and treatment. It will also showcase the latest innovations in treating these conditions.

-> How is the rise of chronic disease shaping your product offering?