The clock is ticking and there are only two years left to accomplish the ambitious goals the NIP established in 2013, as well as boost the country’s infrastructure competitiveness. The government struggles to complete as many projects as possible with the few resources available, due to the volatility of the national and international economy borne by a Trump presidency. The industry is will turn to the development of infrastructure projects through PPPs to fill the budget gaps. Its urban hubs are growing rapidly and growth policies are necessary to ensure a healthy and competitive environment. All sectors must come together to strengthen the country’s backbone, regardless of the hurdles resulting from the volatile economic and political environments, both internal and external.

This chapter provides an overview of Mexico’s ever-changing industry through the eyes of the public and private sector. Various reforms have been implemented over the past few years and companies are beginning to see the fruits of their investments. But 2017 will prove to be a challenge for the development of the infrastructure the country desperately needs due to market volatility and tightening budgets.

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