Intro: Operators are boasting bloated balance sheets and wider profit margins thanks to cost-reduction strategies that were put into action during the mining slump combined with the recent recovery in metal prices. Driven by the extra cash flow, companies are preparing to expand and acquire new projects. But if Mexico wants to take full advantage of the industry’s opportunities and the upturn, greater strides must be taken to close the gaps in the country’s regulations and international competitivity. With the end of President Peña Nieto’s term in 2018, this chapter will analyze the main advances of the 2012-2018 administration and areas of opportunities that need to be addressed by incoming authorities, relying on the insights of key policymakers, C-level executives and legal representatives. It will also evaluate the impact and trajectory of the Mining Undersecretariat that was created at the end of 2016.

Key Question: What have been the main highlights and lowlights of the 2012-2018 administration and in what state will the next administration inherit Mexico’s mining industry?