Intro: Exploration is an essential element of the mining industry as it allows companies to replace aging mines with new projects. After years of being on the backburner during the mining slump, the industry’s appetite for new projects is starting to rise. Drilling companies are equally blowing away the cobwebs created by halted projects thanks to the industry’s awakening. In terms of global exploration investment, Mexico took third place in Latin America and sixth place internationally by attracting US$400.9 million in 2016. Assuring a healthy number of exploration projects in the country is particularly important as only one out of 1,000 prospects will ever become a mine. To strengthen the development of exploration projects in the country and ensure a bright future for the industry, Mexico must improve its regulatory landscape and facilitate access to investment and mining concessions.

In this chapter, leading exploration and drilling companies will provide their perspective on the main challenges the industry and how companies are responding.

Key Question: What are the role of operators, junior companies and service providers in overcoming the challenges Mexico faces in exploration and drilling?