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Mexico has left behind an energy monopoly that lasted over 70 years. It did so in less than three. The power auctions and its energy transition plans have placed Mexico among the best markets in the world to invest in renewable energy. In this new and dynamic environment, solar and wind power technologies are storming the industry while both CFE and private players continue revamping old and inefficient fossil fuel plants while adding new ones to run the nation’s baseload capacity on much cleaner and cheaper natural gas.

The launch of the wholesale electricity market in January 2016 was also a breakthrough in the transformation of Mexico’s electricity industry, bringing it closer to modern standards of power generation and trading. Qualified suppliers, generators and marketers are stepping up their game to do business as qualified suppliers after the breakup of the former monopoly held by CFE. With over 180 interviews, Mexico Energy Review 2018 will paint the picture of a radically transformed power market, bringing relevant players, old and new, together in one book.

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  • Cutting-edge information based on more than 180 interviews with the most influential business leaders in the Mexican energy industry, the country’s political leaders and key policymakers

  • Dedicated editorial team with experience covering Mexico’s energy industry and in-depth understanding of global trends, technological advances and international best practices

  • Uniquely customized readership that ensures unprecedented reach among key decision-makers in Mexico and around the world

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Mexico completed its first decisive steps toward a liberalized and competitive energy market in 2017 and is determined to stay the course. The country’s liberated energy mix now welcomes different technologies, which combined will meet the clean energy requirements Mexico pursues. The three rounds of the long-term electricity auctions showcased the competitiveness of several technologies against fossil fuels, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal.

To further incentivize the number of market participants, Mexico’s authorities introduced the Clearing House during the third long-term auction, allowing private players to purchase energy on a level playing field with CFE, effectively ending the practice of the first two auctions in which the productive enterprise of the state was the sole purchaser. In addition, the first midterm electricity auction was launched in August 2017, offering terms that enable commercial banks to actively participate and complement development banks’ efforts in securing the country’s energy transition.

As Mexico’s installed capacity powered by clean technologies is set to increase, the country’s infrastructure needs to be ready not only to absorb it but to distribute and transmit it efficiently and securely. Disruptive and trend-setting innovations, such as smart grids and energy storage, are set to put the country’s revamped infrastructure to the test.

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