The opportunities are there for the taking. Mexican and international players can now enter the energy market as generators, suppliers, off-takers and merchants. Legacy holdings can still use the pre-Reform framework but the updated contracts offer many options and much flexibility. There is also a previously uncommon ripple effect: the financial uncertainty of an open market ruled by supply and demand. Developers, heavy manufacturing energy users and industry associations are also waiting for the final pieces of the puzzle to fall in place, such as the guidelines for the Social Impact Assessments (SIAs) that relate energy developments to the communities they will interact with and which can make or break a project.

In this chapter, legal consultants and attorneys who took part in drafting the new rules discuss the Reform’s initial outcome, alongside the consultants who are advising clients spanning from China, Europe and the US on how to better position themselves to succeed in the changing Mexican power industry. They also discuss potential areas of improvement on the horizon. Knowledge, they would say, is definitely power.