The sun is starting to power Mexico. With some of the best solar irradiation indicators in the world, the country saw significant presence of solar projects in its first two long-term power auctions in 2016. Solar PV projects won the lion’s share of the power generation awarded, displaying globally competitive prices and dispelling worries about the reliability of the technology. Global companies from the US to China and beyond are embracing the power of the sun and applying themselves to the task of harnessing it.

The country, which has set demanding clean energy targets for the medium term, has become a lab for new technologies and several utility-scale projects are starting to prove the potential of solar power. In this chapter, technology companies, developers, plant operators, engineering firms and customers discuss the implications of solar power’s entry into the Mexican energy mix and what the future might hold, hand in hand with emerging storage solutions that reduce concerns about the intermittent nature of this power source.