After finding hydrocarbons and evaluating their commercial viability, field development is probably the most important stage of the life cycle of an E&P contract, given that the right infrastructure and economic models should be in place to produce hydrocarbons in a cost-efficient and safe manner. CNH has six contracts under development phase (two licenses and four PSCs). Half of these contracts are located in shallow waters and the other half in onshore blocks. If we add to this relatively small number of E&P contracts all the fields that have been and still are being developed by PEMEX and its partners, it is crystal clear that Mexico has a strong business niche of field development operations and oil and gas-related infrastructure at the moment. Whether it is an international or a local EPCI or any other company involved in the development phase of the E&P contracts, every player will have many projects to build, operate or inspect, but at the same time, these players should also be prepared to comply with international standards and practices. Furthermore, Mexico has a clear mandate: increase its oil and gas production. Which means that every field in the development phase should be up and running with the best operational standards while remaining cost-efficient to allow a smooth flow of investments.

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