The NIP focuses on making Mexico a world-class logistics hub and three years into the plan, there are many projects left to accomplish. The construction of several vital roads has been delayed due to issues with land rights and inflating prices. The addition of unsolicited proposals into the PPP Law has sparked interest but there are many areas of opportunity in the framework. Although there are few road tenders left to award, the Port of Veracruz is sure to spark the interest of many companies. Mexico’s ports need to be modified to meet the demand from the country’s booming industrial sectors and of incoming investors. If Mexico wants to become an international logistics hub, it must link its various transport infrastructure and improve the status of its roads, rails, ports and airports.

This chapter presents the expertise of port, airport, road and rail developers and consultants to provide insight into where the country is heading, the latest trends and the requirements necessary to fulfil the NIP’s ambitious goals.

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