A changing economic and political landscape brought uncertainty to the industry but at the same time created new opportunities to update Mexico’s position as a growing automotive sector participant. After the renegotiation of NAFTA, the country has established its position as a key player in the North America region and created new opportunities for future investment in the automotive industry. Light-vehicle production and export figures have once again reached record numbers and Mexico is well on track to becoming the sixth-largest manufacturer in the world.

State of the Industry presents a complete overview of how the industry has evolved, not only in the past year but in the last six as President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration comes to an end. The effect of NAFTA negotiations on foreign investment is analyzed, as well as the country’s results in terms of production, exports and sales in the light-vehicle, heavy-vehicle and auto-parts sectors. Key players from associations and the public sector present their overview on how the industry is performing and their vision for Mexico’s development in the automotive sector.

Main question to answer

How successful has President Peña Nieto’s administration been in promoting growth for Mexico’s automotive industry?