As a natural logistics hub, Mexico has the advantage of being connected to the second-largest market in the world and having access to both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. This position is strengthened by Mexico’s FTAs with 46 countries. However, companies agree there is a lack of proper infrastructure and adequate processes to support further growth for the automotive industry among many others. With new investments coming, the country faces the challenge of growing its logistics infrastructure to satisfy the needs of new OEMs and suppliers.

Logistics, Connection, Infrastructure focuses on the relationship between industrial parks, ports, airports and logistics providers to offer expedited shipments for importers and exporters. Companies share their views on the most pressing issues impacting the industry such as incomplete infrastructure and too much red tape on customs operations, while leading players showcase their advantages in supporting a growing supply chain.

Main question to answer

What are the main priorities for companies and logistics providers to make logistics operations easier?