Mexico has a goal of reaching sales of 2 million light vehicles by 2020. However, the market must provide the right conditions for this growth to occur. The client is king and these clients want to move sales to the digital world. Dealerships are adapting their sales and marketing strategies to fit into the digital era but not all of them understand how the process works. At the same time, although financing has become a strong factor in the development of the market, diminished purchasing power could put an end to its growing tendency.

Sales & Financing opens a discussion on how sales are transforming in Mexico from showroom-based to a digital marketing strategy that leads to a final decision taken before entering the dealership. Risks and opportunities are analyzed from different perspectives, along with best practices to incorporate online solutions into mature operations. Financing also plays a crucial role in this chapter as a driving factor in the market’s development.

Main question to answer

How are customers’ priorities changing and what strategies must companies implement to address this transformation?