CANIFARMA has established an official classification for medical devices. The first category, health auxiliary products (PAPS), includes disposable wound-care material, dialysis bags, wearables such as gloves and scrubs, materials for surgery and devices to administrate medicine. It also includes prosthesis and other devices for mobility and orthopedics.

As health-related material, medical devices are regulated by COFEPRIS and their approval is for five years and can be renewed.

Many of the important players in this segment are present in the region and many of these products are manufactured in Mexico. Baja California is a cluster for medical devices manufacturing and international companies are driven here by low operational costs, Mexico’s geographical location and human capital. According to Global Trade Atlas, Mexico is holds the eighth place for top exporters of medical devices. In PAPS, Mexico is the third-ranked needle exporter in the world and fourth for surgical instruments, as well as for syringes, catheters, cannulas and similar instruments, according to ProMéxico.

The development of technology in PAPS is oriented to the improvement of patient experience, easing their use, reducing size and making prices more affordable for institutional clients and independents.

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