Intro: Maintaining a close relationship with surrounding communities is one of the toughest obstacles mining operators face. Otherwise, projects can risk blockades or delays that cost thousands of dollars a day and the public image of a company. Sustainability is an equally hot topic as international benchmarks and strict environmental norms and laws are pressuring operators to minimize their environmental impact. Fortunately, there are benefits to be reaped by companies that choose to align themselves to global sustainability and social standards set by institutions such as the International Finance Corporation. Banks and investors often check for the compliance of these norms before placing capital in a project as they mitigate the risk of mining closures.

This chapter emphasizes the best practices used by influential operators, consultancies, lawyers and success cases in the Mexican mining industry, along with products and technology that are providing solutions for the consumption of resources like water.

Key Question: How can operators turn costs and obligations of CSR and sustainability into areas of opportunity?